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The Darkness
I sit alone, the darkness swallowing me whole. It surrounds me like a suffocating blanket, but I oddly find some comfort in it. It scares people away, leaving me to my thoughts. I don't mind being alone, at first.
But then my thoughts turn against me, calling me useless, a fool. 'You can't just sit there all your life, you're a waste of space, a nothing!' I try to ignore, too used to sitting to do anything else. I convince myself that this is for the best.
Finally, I give in. The thought of supporting myself scares me, but I try to stand. But the darkness only tightens it's grip on me, refusing to yield; refusing to lift. I try to scream, to cry for help, but no sound escapes my throat. The darkness swallows it greedily, my once comfort turned into my worst nightmare.
I curl up, try to pretend that I'm okay, that the darkness and my own berating thoughts are not there. I am drowning, and don't have the energy to try to keep swimming, to keep living. I sit there, willing people t
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Tagged Selfie Challenge~ by Pinkpeach112 Tagged Selfie Challenge~ :iconpinkpeach112:Pinkpeach112 4 12
Late night muses
Late night muses
I tend to find that poems
And ideas float to me at night.
They just refuse to let me be
Until the sky grows light.
Even now as I write this poem
It is way past 2 a.m
I cannot sleep until I write it down
So I find the words, and then
The poem writes itself, you see
I just let my pen flow
Across the pages of my tattered notebook
And watch the poem grow.
And for those of you who ask me why
I don't just write during the day,
Well, by then my muses have disappeared
They decided to fly away.
My late night musings bring me joy
As I write down line after line
I'm so happy they decide to float to me
And let me call them mine.
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I stared at her, as she stared at me,
She wasn't quite what I expected her to be.
I imagined she would be pretty,
I dreamt that she was smart,
I thought she would be popular
And have a golden heart.
I thought she would be tall
And that she would be cool,
I hoped that she would be talkative
And that she'd fit in at school.
Instead she is clumsy
And really quite plain,
She's a little on the short side
And much prefers the rain.
She only has a few close friends
And is otherwise quite shy.
Her golden heart is more like brass
And it's easy to make her cry.
But despite my expectations, I really have to say
That I really wouldn't have myself be any other way.
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Christmas wishes to the Nuzlocke Community
Ever since I can remember, Christmas for me has always been a magical time of year, and not just because of the presents. Seeing all of the family made me happy, and I have some very fond memories of December 25th.
But this year seems... to have lost it's magic. There are probably a couple of reasons, like my nan dying of cancer earlier in the year, or because I'm currently under stress for my A Level exams and thinking about my future in general. Or maybe it's just because I'm getting older. Christmas is a magical time for kids, and once you hit a certain age it just seems to lose it's magic, and this rings true for me now.
So as I'm scrolling through Tumblr and dA and just the internet in general, I'm left wondering; will I relive all the fond memories of this special time that I cherish so much from when I was a kid? Recently, I've been beginning to think that I wouldn't, but then today I got a notification on dA. I had been mentioned in a writing. Curious, I opened it, and saw that
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Kick@$$ Anniversary Contest Entry
Kick@$$ Contest Entry
“Professor, I'm back!”
Emerald ran into the lab, her arms full of sweet berries. She had been sent on an errand to collect the berries growing in the Oak's back garden as the lab had ran out. However, she did not get an answer to her call.
“Professor?” She called out again, walking into the back room and dropping the berries into their respective buckets. 'Huh, he must have gone out to do some field research...' she concluded, stretching her arms above her head as she walked back to the main lab area.
She was about to open the door again when it suddenly swung open by itself. Emerald stumbled, falling head first into something soft before collapsing on the ground, arms sprawled and head whirling. “Ow...” She mumbled, sitting up and holding her head.
As she gathered her bearings and stood up, Emerald finally realised that she had knocked over and landed on another person, who was currently holding his own head in pain.
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A Poem for Yin
Here stands a poem
For a Kick@$$ friend
For her birthday is today
So a gift I will send
The topic of choice
Is going to be, of course
Her Nuzlocke of Firered
Though I don't mean to endorse
Her protagonist, Ken
Sets out on a journey
To prove to jerk Gary
That he is quite worthy
Charmander is his pick
Because lizards are cool
Although Gayrod picks Squirtle
Because he's a big tool
Daisy also features
Along with Professor Oak
She picks up Bulbasaur
To show she's not a joke
Ken catches more Pokémon
Such as Puff and Pecks
Bill is also involved
Though under a scientific hex
Also, I forgot to mention
Ken's past is shady
Rocket may be involved
So you'd better be wary
This is just a summary
Of a kick@$$ comic
Although it is awesome
I went slightly off topic
Happy birthday Yin!
From me and your peers
And I wish you good fortune
For many, many years
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Sketch 1: Zephyr Spata by Pinkpeach112 Sketch 1: Zephyr Spata :iconpinkpeach112:Pinkpeach112 1 3 Down with the League by Pinkpeach112 Down with the League :iconpinkpeach112:Pinkpeach112 2 2
A Poem for Loki
Rhyming is hard
Just so you know
But for a friend
I'm giving it a go
His name is Loki
From Scotland, of course
Today is his birthday
I heard from a source
Plays Pokemon for fun
and Nuzlockes them too
Though one in particular
Might need a redo
His adventure in Hoenn
Was not quite grand
Many comrades died
Of course, not planned
But in the end he won
With a badass team
Including a Mightyena
Who reigned supreme
Not forgetting Mad6
Who replaced 5 before him
His chances of survival
Were really quite slim
And then there was Boom
Who exploded with glee
Against a troll Milotic
We won't forget thee
Tittypank is next
In the list of honours
Though with a name like that
We'll be laughing for hours
And then of course a legend
Who was not really used
Rayquaza is overpowered
And so was not abused
And finally the starter
Who went by Yin
She was on fire
A kick@$$ Blaziken
Happy Birthday Loki
Hope your day is swell
And may we never forget
The Nuzlocke from hell
And so ends a poem
Written by a fruit
Who i
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Pinkpeach112 by Pinkpeach112 Pinkpeach112 :iconpinkpeach112:Pinkpeach112 1 2 Homestuck - Jade Harley by Pinkpeach112 Homestuck - Jade Harley :iconpinkpeach112:Pinkpeach112 0 0 Homestuck - Rose Lalonde by Pinkpeach112 Homestuck - Rose Lalonde :iconpinkpeach112:Pinkpeach112 1 0 Homestuck - John Egbert by Pinkpeach112 Homestuck - John Egbert :iconpinkpeach112:Pinkpeach112 1 2 Homestuck - Dave Strider by Pinkpeach112 Homestuck - Dave Strider :iconpinkpeach112:Pinkpeach112 7 6 Pose Practice - Rick by Pinkpeach112 Pose Practice - Rick :iconpinkpeach112:Pinkpeach112 5 0


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DnD stuff that was fun
There's been a couple of sessions so far, so I don't remember all of it, but I want to write down stuff before I forget it so:
Elina's badass headshots inspiring awe and fear in her companions.
"It'll be 5 gp to dock your boat." -Dock guy
"How about I pay you 1 gp and a really good compliment?" - Mavros
"Alright, fine." - D
"You're beautiful, inside and out. You can be anything you want to be, except maybe king, because uh that position... is already taken." -M
"Haha, alright, 1 gp it is."
"Yeah! Blood caves -- You guys know blood caves, right?" - Mavros, about a literal cave with blood in it
"Oh, just because I'm a woman?" - Elina
Choswick Dating Simulator: Romantic Encounter at Night
Mavros freaking out over some slavers in the town square, ends up stomping on the dead one's back, and 
1 Monk
Several guards
1 Druid showing off angelic wings and stuff
1 Halfling Ranger 
can't stop him, it takes Oscar (Elina's dog) tackling him to calm him down from his baby hissy fit.
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MEET THE ARTIST - MAD-REVOLUTION by Mad-Revolution MEET THE ARTIST - MAD-REVOLUTION :iconmad-revolution:Mad-Revolution 28 15 MINIOR - SPACE FAMILY by Mad-Revolution MINIOR - SPACE FAMILY :iconmad-revolution:Mad-Revolution 85 1 it's your boi guzma by mirshroom it's your boi guzma :iconmirshroom:mirshroom 310 9 Mad-Revolution Commission Sheet *OPEN* by Mad-Revolution Mad-Revolution Commission Sheet *OPEN* :iconmad-revolution:Mad-Revolution 16 1


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Gingerbread Pikachu~ by Pinkpeach112

Pikachu gingerbread~

Tastes delicious too. :3


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